Short and Introductory Courses

Short courses and introductory courses are available in Cambridge and we can also arrange to teach an existing group in your locality. A minimum of ten participants is needed. Courses include Introduction to Body Psychotherapy, Introduction to Biodynamic Massage, and Relaxing Mind and Body (stress and relaxation from a body psychotherapy perspective), Working with Anxiety, Work with Physical Symptoms, Emotional Anatomy and Physiology.

Please see Training in Biodynamic Massage for full details of the Emotional Anatomy and Physiology course, which is suitable for counsellors, psychotherapists, and complementary therapists wanting to know more about the relevance of the subject to their work.

Open Evenings

Free evening with talk and opportunity to discuss training courses offered at CBPC. Light refreshments.

Friday 5th April and 3rd May 2019 7.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.
Please let us know that you are coming to an open evening

Venue: CBPC, 28 Ditton Walk, Cambridge, CB5 8QE
Please see map on this site on how to reach the centre.

Affective Touch

Working With Anxiety

(An Introduction to Body Psychotherapy)

This one day workshop will explore an understanding of anxiety from a body psychotherapy perspective. It will introduce basic concepts of body psychotherapy, including the cycle of regulation and grounding, and methods of working with a wide range of clients. The format includes lecture, discussion, experiential exercises, reflection, handouts and recommended reading.
The day is suitable for healthcare practitioners (O.T.s, nurses etc.), counsellors and complementary health practitioners.

Date:This will be offered in autumn 2019
Cost: £115.00

Course leader: Gill Westland

Biodynamic Massage Study Day

Continuing professional development for Biodynamic massage therapists.

Date: 2019 TBC
Cost: £115.00
Course leader: Sue Frazer

Introduction to Biodynamic Massage

Suitable for complete beginners, counsellors, healthcare professionals. One day course to learn basic methods and theory of Biodynamic Massage. Biodynamic massage involves “contactful touch” and the day will provide opportunities to explore communicating through touch.

Date: TBC July 2019
Cost: £115.00
Course leader: Sue Frazer

Mental Health Awareness

For trainee psychotherapists and counsellors and qualified practitioners for Continuing Professional Development The day will cover psychiatric diagnostic manuals, major psychiatric diagnoses, mental health and risk assessments, laws pertaining to mental health and possible litigation, accessing mental health resources, psychotropic medication currently in use – pros and cons, and selection of clients for in-depth psychotherapy (psychosis, neurosis, spiritual emergency).

Date: Wednesday December 2019 TBC
Cost: £110.00
Course Leader: Miriam Ware
Miriam is a qualified general and psychiatric nurse and experienced in Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health. She is a UKCP registered Core Process Psychotherapist. As well as working in the UK, she has worked in Israel and South Africa.

Introduction to Body Psychotherapy – Relating, Rhythm, and Boundaries

The course will introduce some of the skills and theory of body psychotherapy< Each person has their own rhythm and in any relationship with another there is a process of tuning into the other person and then making adjustments to accommodate the rhythm of that individual. Often our personal rhythms are disrupted from the way that we were brought up. And, in addition to that we can feel that life is too fast, and that we are not in charge of the pace of it. Equally life can seem too slow, uneventful or even on hold and stuck with nothing getting started or completed. Any relationship involves a movement towards the other and then more towards oneself – inner and outer relating. Movement towards the other can mean getting lost and not knowing where we begin and end. In daily life this can mean not knowing what we want, or living at a pace that isn’t quite right for us and being swept along by the crowd. Movement away from the other can mean feeling lonely and isolated, rather than feeling at peace in solitude.
The day will explore relating and boundaries from a body psychotherapy perspective. It will include exploration of rhythms – find our own and in relationship, inner and outer movements in relationship, finding inner and outer ground, personal and relational boundaries, space and distance, and the emotional cycle of self regulation.
Suitable for health-care workers, counsellors and those wanting to know about body psychotherapy with a view to further training.

Date: Wednesday 13th November 2019
Course leader: Gill Westland

Introduction to Body Psychotherapy – Standing in the World

Taking our place in the world involves finding a firm “inner ground” from which to move into relationship with others. This is a felt, physical experience that can be cultivated. Those that have it are self assured and confident, have no need to be pushy and do not get blown off course by others. The day will explore this theme experientially and theoretically. It will also provide an introduction to body psychotherapy.
Suitable for health-care workers, counsellors and those wanting to know about body psychotherapy perhaps with a view to further training.

Date: Wednesday 12th February 2020
Course leader: Gill Westland

Introduction to Body Psychotherapy – Knowing What You Want

The course will introduce some of the skills and theory of body psychotherapy. Knowing what you want and making life decisions can be a complicated business. Your head says one thing, your heart another, friends advise different things. Your guts say this is the place to live, but it makes no sense. The day will explore different ways of making decisions, finding out what you really want, and head, heart and guts working together for more whole decision-making.

Suitable for health-care workers, counsellors and those wanting to know about body psychotherapy with a view to further training.

Date: Wednesday 13th March 2019
Course leader: Gill Westland

BOOKING FOR SHORT COURSES: To book please send the full fee. Please email us for our bank details if you would like to pay by bank transfer. Cheques should be made payable to CBPC and sent to 28 Ditton Walk, Cambridge, CB5 8QE. Please also include brief details about yourself e.g. profession, area of work, reason for wanting to do the course.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course

A nine weekly course for healthcare professionals, creative arts therapists, counsellors and psychotherapists as continuing professional development.

This course is based on the renowned programme developed by Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center 27 years ago. The course was originally offered in the outpatient clinic to those facing the challenge of living with illness, pain, depression, and chronic stress and is now increasingly sought by those wishing to learn about the benefits of mindful living in a structured programme. The programme also offers elements of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) for those recovering from depression (Teasdale, Williams, and Segal).

Professionals will learn about mindfulness as a way of being more present with themselves and their clients; learn how to take care of their own well-being more effectively; learn about the potential benefits of mindfulness based approaches for their clients.

The programme is practise based, participatory and educational. Participants are encouraged and supported to commit to developing a daily meditation practice at home. Guidance notes and CDs are provided. These courses are of great value to those who have had some experience of meditation and to those who have had no experience at all.

Next course: TBC – 9 Thursdays 7.00 – 9.00 p.m. and one all day on a Saturday/Sunday
Cost: £230.00

Please contact Chantek directly for details.

Course Leader: Chantek Mary McNeilage
Chantek is a registered Craniosacral therapist and has worked in complementary health care for the last 35 years. She has been practising mindfulness-related meditation and yoga for nearly 40 years. Chantek practises in Saffron Walden, Essex and London.

For further information and to book please call Chantek on 01799 522516. Website: becoming mindful